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Hey Guys after several months of not writing in the blog im back! :D!


Its Video Time!: Eve and Gail Kim vs Alicia Fox and Maryse- RAW

Its video time!!! This is the review for last weeks RAW. Sorry for being so late. Well here’s the video.

Alicia Fox and  Eve start off with Alicia giving some kicks and punches. Eve starts giving some punches on Alicia’s gut, Alicia then counters and does a irish-whip but Eve counters and gives a kick to the gut of Alicia. Eve goes to the ropes and tries a sunset flip, Alicia stands up and gives a knee to the head of Eve. Alicia grabs Eve and sends her to the corner and give another big knee on Torres. Alicia does a snapmre to Eve , tries a pin and gtes a 2 count only. Alicia tags in Maryse and, Maryse gives a huge kick on Eve’s gut. Maryse starts pulling Eve’s hair and while Eve is screaming, Maryse is laughing. Maryse brings Eve to the mat, tries a pin but only gets a 2 count. Maryse strats talking trash and then grabs Eve hair and smashes Eve face on the turnbuckle. Maryse tags in Alicia Fox. Alicia gives a kick on Eve , and then sends her to the corner, Foxy tries another Knee smash on the corner but this time Eve escapes, and tags in Gail Kim. Gail gives two clotheslines to Alicia , then a really cool Hurricanrana. Gail gives a punch on Alicia does an irish-whip Alicia counters, she tries to do her signature tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, but Gail counters it into a cross body. Tries a pin but only gtes a 2 count. Gail kicks Alicia left leg and then gives a huge front dropkick, wich sends Alicia to the corner. Gail runs to the corner but Alicia escapes to outside, Eve tries to pull Alicia hair and send her back to the ring, but Alicia pusher her onto the apron. Gail grabs Alicia’s hair , and then Maryse enters the ring and grabs Gail ‘s hair , but Gail counters and gives a huge punch. Alicia enters to the ring again and gives a forearm on Gail’s back of the head.  Alicia gives her Scissors Kick for the 1,2,3. After the match Alicia shows her divas title and tries to put Maryse arm up but Maryse doesnt let and says ” dont talk to me”.

Alicia and Eve doenst seem to click wih each other. Its like when Alicia is with Eve in the ring, Alicia gets confused, and doesnt know what to do next. Anyways I hope its a heel vs heel feud, and not the traditional face vs heel feud. See ya guys ;D

Its Video Time!: Nikki Bella vs Jillian Hall on WWE Superstars

Sorry guys for being so late! Anyways Its video Time!!!!!!! Today I will make the review of Raw, WWE Superstars and Smackdown. Raw and Smackdown will be posted later. Ok so lets gonna see Nikki vs Jillian at WWE Superstars:

They locked up and backed Jillian into the corner. Jillian hit a straight right and went to work. She worked a chin lock on Nikki, and then slammed her to the mat when she tried to escape. She worked a heir pull rest hold for a four count, and then a straight kick to the back for two. Jillian dropped her in a backbreaker into a bridge across the leg. Nikki hit knees to escape, and then hit a flying head scissors to take control. Nikki hit a seated dropkick for two. She whipped Jillian, who grabbed the rope. Nikki charged and Jillian hit a big boot for two. The two women traded blows and Nikki went to the second rope. Jillian pushed her over the top to the floor. Nikki’s leg was caught in the ropes for a moment before she fell to the floor. Brie walked over to check on her and Jillian attacked Brie. Jillian rolled back in the ring, and both Bellas rolled under the ring. One slid out and tried to climb onto the apron. Jillian knocked her down as the other Bella slipped in from behind and scored a roll- up win. ( Sorry Guys I just had to make it quick so I just copy-paste the description of the video. I promise Raw and SD! I will make my own. )

The match was boring as last week , cause the Bellas win again!

FCW Divas Videos

Hey Guyss!!!! So this is a new segment called FCW Divas Videos were I will post FCW divas Match old and new!

Here is the first match:

Reason why Savannah got released.

As you all know Savannah, real name Angela Fong, got released from the WWE , a couple of days ago. It was all of sudden, yes, but according to some sites she was fired because she missed a line on an Interview with NXT Season 1 Winner: Wade Barret. Well I saw the video and she didnt missed any line, so I decided to see the comments , and people say she instead of saying : “are” said arrrre”

Well this only shows WWE’s lack of respect for the divas, I mean for only saying more “r” she got fired. Another Horrible move by WWE.

Beth Phoenix Update

Former WWE Womens Champion, Beth Phoenix The Glamazon, was injured a couple of weeks ago, she wrote the follow on her twitter :

Approaching 6 weeks. Going to be focusing on some new training techniques. Making my ring offense more dangerous n hard hitting than ever.

Its Video Time!: Daffney vs Taylor Wilde on Xplosion

Hey Guys! So this is a new segment on the blog called; Its Video Time! This is basically where I will post weekly videos, and review the womens wrestling matches.

So here are the videos first, both Taylor and Daffney Interview:

Taylor Wilde starts by saying she has a match against Daffney. She says that was supposed to be a tag match with her and Sarita , but no one wanted to be Daffney’s partner.Taylor is very confident and tells Daffney to bring her A-game, cause things are about to get Wilde!

Next we see Daffney with her hands on a griller she says with a very funny voice: ” So nobody wants to be my partner, Im a good girl! I play well with others. Thats fine *puts her hands on griller and burns her hands lol* Ill se you out there , have fun!

Ok so I didnt understand alot of Daffney Interview so it maybe be wrong, correct me if im wrong lol.

Next we have the match, and a Backstage segment:

Backstage Segment:

Sarita appears and looks mad, she tells Taylor the match was supposed to be a Tag Match and then she found out that Taylor Had a Singles Match, wich was wonderful for Taylor but where does it leave her. Taylor replies telling it was luck of the draw, and they are a tag team, she says Whats the big deal? Sarita replies telling since they lost the titles they havent any atraction what so ever. Taylor replies saying whats good for her its good for Sarita, and ends saying that needs Sarita’s support. Sarita speaks Mexican.


The match starts with Taylor grabbing Daffney’s belly and doing a roll-up, but gets a two count. Taylor climbs the turnbuckle umps and hits , what look liked to be a arm-roll, Taylor then does a arm-trap necbreaker, tries a pin but gets another 2 count. She sends Daffney to the ropes and does a backdrop. Daffney grabs a chain while Taylor is celebrating and hits with the chain on Taylor’s face for the 3 count. Out comes Sarita saying to the ref that Daffney used the chain on Taylor, Sarita tells its on Daffneys knee-pad, and the ref sees it. The match is restarted with Daffney giving Taylor some punches on her back. She grabes Taylor and does a headlock followed by some big knees. Daffney goes to the pin but only gets a two count. Tries again the pin and gets another 2 count. She hits with Taylor’s head on the turnbuckle, and then looks like the match was cut. After the Xplosion logo appeared wee see Taylor being sent to the corner , Daffney tried a splash but misses it . Taylor gives some punches and kicks and then does a clothesline , followed by a huge leg-lariat. Taylor kicks daffney in the gut and does a northern-lights Suplex for a 2 and half count. She grabs Daffney’s hair, but Daffney counters and punches Taylor on the throat. Daffney went to the ropes but Sarita grabbed her foot , and Daffney fell. Daffney runs too Taylor and Taylor does an awesome pin for the 3 count.

After the match Daffney attacks Sarita, Taylor helps Sarita and gives some shots to Daffney and puts her out of the ring. Daffney starts arguing outside, as Sarita says to her come into the ring. But Daffney doesnt enter.

The match was a little sloppy, i have to admit. But I loved it anyways. Daffney seemed to gain a little ring insecurity, like when Taylor did the pin to win, she hesitaded abit, but I think that is because she is unaccustomed to the TNA Ring anymore, as she hasnt been used, lol.

As for the idea of a maybe Sarita Heel Turn, that doesnt please me at all. Because I dont see Sarita as heel, cause she connected with the crowd as a face, and TNA’s idea may fail as it happened to ODB. Yes, ODB was supposed to be heel in her debut, but she connected with the crowd so much that she didnt receive any booing and TNA endend up letting ODB as Face, and thats what im afraid it will happen. Maybe if they build up a long Sarita/Taylor storyline I think then, Sarita can turn heel. Thats only my opinion.

See Ya tomorrow on the second edition of: Its Video Time!

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